Geographical location of Panevezys district is very convenient. District is located about 150 km from major centers of  the Baltic region such as Riga, Vilnius and Kaunas. The distance to the nearest port in Klaipeda – 250 km. This area is also near the highway with a road network that connects from Berlin via Warsaw, Kaliningrad, Klaipeda, Liepaja, Riga, Tallinn and St. Petersburg. The district can be reached by rail from the East and West. There is beautiful nature in the district, hard-working people live there. Total area of the district – 217,8 thousand hectares, land used for agriculture occupies 57.3%, forests – 33.1%, water – 2.1%, towns and cities – 2.1%. Population – more than 38 thousands of inhabitants, most of them are Lithuanians. Economists of agriculture consider Panevezys district as an agricultural area. Priority in agriculture is given to the growing of grain and rape. In the area are suitable conditions for growing wheat, barley, potatoes, fruit, berries, pig and dairy farming. It is recommended to develop these alternative activities: organic farming, forestry and wood processing industry, producing of bio-fuel and bio-power, other leisure services. Rural tourism is being developed in Panevezys district, especially attractive is Regional park of Krekenava and location of wisents (European Bison) in Pašiliai.

The most important types of industrial production are wood products, furniture, meat and bakery products. Especially good conditions are provided for producing agricultural production, well-assessed quality of agricultural land. UAB “Krekenava” one of the largest grain growing companies in Lithuania, UAB “Pasodėlė” is a large pig farm, UAB “Raguvos baldai ir ko” produced furniture is exported to many European countries. Those objects require considerable investment in production modernization and are looking for reliable partners.

The largest companies working in the area: UAB “Baltic Agro” – seed production company, UAB “Palink” – culinary manufactory, UAB “Panevėžio melioracija”, furniture manufacturing company UAB “Raguvos baldai ir ko”, fish processing K. Želnys company ”Grundalas”, UAB “Dembavos medelynas”, AB “Agrowill”, paper and paper products company UAB “Eseira”, art ceramics company UAB “Midenė”, furniture manufacturing company UAB “Dominari”, UAB “Kemena” – company producing aged furniture, AB “Linas Agro Group” – an international agribusiness company.

The district municipality has available industrial and domestic buildings, where could be developed both industrial and commercial activities. Real estate agents can assist in finding vacant land and buildings in the area. Positive position of local government allows investors quickly and effectively settle in the area. Panevezys district municipality council depending on the investor can offer conssesions. In 2008 it was prepared comprehensive territory plan, which defined ways of land usage, building intensity, traffic regulations, engineering capabilities and development opportunities. The municipality is implementing Panevezys district strategic development plan of the 2009-2015 years, there are provided district development directions, objectives and measures of achievement.

Municipality had implemented the project “Creation of greenfield infrastructure in Panevezys district” in order to improve business environment in 2009. In the state land lot of 12.4 hectares in Ramygala were built suitable for investment land lots. Industrial park is strategically located in Ramygala, Panevezys district. Land is divided into 5.11 ha, 5.03 ha, 1.82 ha and 0.44 ha plots. There were built new access roads, water supply utilities and sewage networks, electric power lines and gas pipelines. Sorted plots with all the necessary infrastructure industry enable investors to start a new business or relocate producing of production.

Panevezys chamber of commerce, industry and crafts, Panevezys Business Advisory Centre encourage business development in Panevezys district, small and medium business is supported by the municipal budget.

Visit Panevezys district and we will kindly introduce investment opportunities in the area. We hope to create more working places, improve district people’s lives with the help of investors. District is a land of large perspectives. There are many opportunities for investment and recreation. We would be happy if this information would be interesting for someone and would encourage interest in Panevezys district, famous for not only its beautiful scenery, but also for hard-working people and good specialists. Thanks to everybody who wish to work and live in our district.

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