Ramygala industrial park in Panevėžys district

The strong side of Panevėžys district municipality are diligent and good people as well as friendly and active communities and well-developed agriculture.
Mayor of Pnevėžys district Povilas Žagunis


Panevėžys district locates near a highway which contains a network of roads from Berlin cross Warsaw, Kaliningrad, Liepaja, Riga, Tallinn and Saint Petersburg which is a strategically convenient location. There is a distance of around 150 km to the main central cities of the Baltic region Vilnius, Kaunas and Riga and that of 250 km to Klaipėda.

The population of Panevėžys district is approximately 42,000. The degree of unemployment equals to 10 per cent. Small and medium businesses are dominating in the district and the agricultural activities due to its fertile soil, are well-developed; however, the establishment and development of businesses of various types are equally encouraged. The main economic activities undertaken in the district encompass agriculture, wholesale and retail trade, the production of wood and furniture, food production and accommodation services. The largest foreign and international companies acting in the district are JSC Linas Agro Group, a company of agricultural development and control, LTD Dominari, a manufacturer of furniture industry, LTD Baltic Agro, a seed production company, ADAX, a Norway group which produces heating equipment.

Ramygala industrial park, the area of which equals to 12.4 ha, was established in the town of Ramygala with the population of 1.7 thousand which locates in Panevėžys district. The park is equipped with all the necessary infrastructure, a detailed plan has been prepared and the territory is divided into separate areas. Currently 4 areas are formed. There is a possibility to expand the park’s territory. The industrial park is near the transport corridor No 1 – highway Via Baltica, which connects Talinn, Riga, Panevėžys, Kaunas, Kalvarija and Warsaw. In the distance of 25 km there is the city of Panevėžys with the population of 100.000.

Distances between the industrial park and neighbouring states, harbours/airports and railway terminals:

Poland – 198 km, Latvia – 109 km, Belarus – 179 km, Riga airport- 180 km, Vilnius airport – 126 km, Kaunas airport – 57 km, Klaipėda harbour – 254 km, Kėdainiai railway terminal – 24 km, Panevėžys railway station – 25 km.

Open field of the town of Ramygala; Symbols: VIA BALTICA; Open fields; Areas; Orthophoto; Settlements, Ramygala eldership



Area, in ha

Function of the area

Height of buildings

Maximal intensity



Industrial, storage and commercial function

1-3 floors (15 m)

73 per cent



Industrial, storage and commercial function

1-3 floors (15 m)

68 per cent



Industrial, storage and commercial function

1-3 floors (15 m)

32 per cent



Commercial function

1 floors (5 m)

22 per cent


  • Land leased by auction for up to 99 years.
  • Land lease conditions may be modified according to the size of the investment.

Engineering networks built up to the industrial park’s boundaries:

  • Access roads and bridges;
  • Water supply, the capacity of at least 100m³/d;
  • Sewerage, a capacity of at least 100m³/d;
  • Storm water networks;
  • Total power of 950 kW of electrical equipment;
  • Communications cable line;
  • Medium-pressure pipeline, the pressure in the final point of no less than 2.5 bars; Hourly flow of gas at Q val-2000m³/hr.;
  • Canalized ditches.


The owner and manager of Ramygala industrial park is Panevėžys district municipality administration. This conditions:

  • direct communication with municipality management, fast solution taking and document preparation;
  • support and consulting;
  •  the possibility to start an activities related to the park’s infrastructure, cheap work force and flexible solutions of issues regarding the activities in Panevėžys district municipality as soon as possible.

Contact person: Head of Investments and Foreign Relations Unit Panevėžys district municipality administration Raminta Butėnaitė, phone: 8 45 581 707, e-mail: [email protected]

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